Based on continuous iterations each having its own Design, Development, and Testing Cycle, our Agile process enavles to deliver you solutions faster, with less need for detailed documentation, i.e. for less investment costs and with shorter time-to-market.


We drive you all the way through conception, Initiation,Analysis, Design, Codeing, Testing, Implemenation and Maintenance stages that ensure you have the robust software meeting your goals and initial requirements.

Project Lifecycle

Initiation – your challenge, initial idea and case research.

Proposal – Scrupulous analysis of your business case resulted in well-structured and clear proposal, presenting you the vision of the solution that suites your business goals.

Blueprint & UI/UX Design – Detailed analysis, developing the project blueprint, project wireframe and project architecture definition.

Development, Testing & Deployment – Pre-Alfa, Alfa, Beta and Production version coding, testing and deployment. Support & Maintenance – Keeping your software up and running and its further developing in response to the market challenges and user’s requests.

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